Hello there!!! My name is Manny. I have started my own community of glitter making. But with a twist, I am inviting all glitter making friends/fiends!!!! I have also compiled a full working website which I am thinking of changing a few things on it. But anyways, I am always looking for more makers/mods for my community and website!!! If you are interested in my proposition, you can contact me VIA email And if you want to take a look at my community and my website.

For reference, the red one is my website and the blue one for my community.

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Hey guys. I appologize for anyone who has made a request and it hasn't been filled, I mentioned I would be a bit busy but I've been busier(sp?) than I thought I'd be and Im leaving for my flight out to Miami in a few Im really rushed and I don't have time to do much of anything. Im closed for the time being for ALL request, so, please unless the following concerns you, don't request anything until Im open and unbusy!

If you've requested something, still haven't gotten anyone else to make it for you but, would still like it made, and don't mind waiting a week (probably be back around the 4-5th of sept.) then go ahead and REPOST your request and as soon as I get back and settled I'll get it done. Again, sorry guys!! <3